Handmade Quality Midwest Leather Business See Small Leather Works Construction of Computer Bag

Erik James Leatherwerks

Leather that gets better with age?

Erik James Leatherworks creates unique custom leather goods from only the best Top Grain leathers and solid metal hardware. Our goods get better with age, and we are committed to standing by our products and customers. There is a world of difference between a mass produced faux leather item, and one of our custom made full grain pieces. Each piece is made by hand for you - no two are alike.

Support a locally-owned small business

Crafts people usually leave their work to speak for itself. But there is a good reason to say a few words. Not very long ago every town, village & community had it's own shoemakers & leather workers. Goods were handmade and lasted a lifetime - often they became heirloom objects. We now have cheap, mass produced items which are purchased on a whim & discarded just as easily.

What a difference we can make if small scale, independent enterprises create better quality products on a modest human scale, and offer personal service over the long term. There is nothing new about this idea - join us and make it happen again.