About Us

How Erik James Leatherwerks was born...

Erik James Leatherwerks is a two person studio; a husband and wife team. James and Jill Iverson have worked in the Arts for many years: photography, drawing and painting, film making, culinary arts, writing, and leather design. James served as the principal designer for a large leather company in Chicago in his 20's, he left this to work in photography for a couple of decades.

After Jill bought a pair of slacks with a faux leather (pressed chicken nugget) belt, which lasted just a few months, she challenged James to design high quality leather goods once again. James made a few, long promised, belts and bags for Jill and people started noticing them and asking about them. It felt good to design and create werks for individuals who appreciate well made, affordable items! Erik James Leatherwerks was born - creating items one at a time, with loving care, and decades worth of skill.

James Iverson:

James was a professional leather craftsman in Cape Cod and Chicago before becoming a designer and sample maker for Humphrey Leathergoods, of Chicago. At the time this was the largest manufacturer of private label leather goods in the United States. James has a love for his materials and it shows. His designs emphasize a simplicity and a timeless elegance that allows the natural materials to speak to us.

Jill Iverson:

Jill has a background in Fine Arts. She is an integral part of the collaborative design process. Jill also coordinates communications and marketing. She is the voice of Erik James Leatherwerks.